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Common parameters of silicon carbide graphite crucible

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The main composition of graphite crucible is natural flake graphite and binder, so it has the advantages of fast heat conduction, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, and no reaction with molten mass, etc. It is a non-ferrous metal melting and casting apparatus. However, it is easy to oxidize when used in high temperature strong oxidizing atmosphere, so it should avoid strong oxidizing atmosphere when providing different heat sources, otherwise it will reduce its service life. However, with the development of production process, some graphite crucibles nowadays have multiple layers of special glaze on the exterior, which can prevent the graphite from oxidation and enhance the corrosion resistance of the crucible.

Main ingredients.

Natural flake graphite with binder


Non-ferrous metal melting and casting vessel


Fast thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability

Main characteristics enumerated advantages


Graphite crucibles take the best possible means in terms of raw materials, manufacturing, etc. to meet the use in cruel conditions.

Main characteristics listed

(1) High thermal conductivity: Shortened melting time due to the use of raw materials such as graphite with high thermal conductivity.

(2) Heat and impact resistance: high heat and impact resistance, for rapid cold and heat, not easy to break.

(3) high heat resistance: high temperature resistance, can withstand 1200 ~ 1650 ℃ high temperature.

(4) resistance to leaching: strong against the erosion of molten soup.

(5) resistance to mechanical shock: has a certain strength against mechanical shock (when the melt is put into the material, etc.)

(6) resistance to oxidation: graphite is easily oxidized at high temperatures in the oxidation aerosol, and oxidation consumption is low because of the oxidation prevention treatment.

(7) Anti-adhesion: Because graphite has the property of not adhering to the melt, there is less penetration and adhesion of the melt.

(8) Very little metal contamination: because there is no impurity mixed with the molten soup, there is very little metal contamination (mainly because iron is not added to the molten soup).

(9) resistance to the influence of slag collector (slag remover): good resistance to the influence of slag collector (slag remover) performance.


1. Good resistance to cracking, dissolution loss and oxidation - 5-10 times the quality of ordinary graphite crucible

2. Shorten dissolution time, good heat transfer, high thermal conductivity, energy saving --- will save 2/5-1/3 of energy

3. Long service life---If you use it strictly according to our operation requirements, our company can guarantee 6 months from the date of use. If it is confirmed that it is the quality of our products, it can be replaced or discounted for free.

4. Increase efficiency---reduce the time and cost of downtime

The silicon carbide graphite crucible is made by adding different content of silicon carbide particles into the raw material of graphite crucible, such as 50%, 24%, and other different content, of course, we can also customize the graphite crucible with different amount of silicon carbide according to the different requirements of customers.


Standard parameters Test data

Temperature resistance ≥ 1630℃ Temperature resistance ≥ 1635℃

Carbon content ≥ 38% Carbon content ≥ 41.46%

Apparent porosity ≤ 35% Apparent porosity ≤ 32%

Bulk density ≥ 1.6g/cm3 Bulk density ≥ 1.71g/cm3

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