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Graphite crucible product use specification

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1. Preparation work before installation

1)Check if the inner wall and bottom of the crucible furnace are intact.

2) Check whether there is residual slag in the furnace, and if so, remove it in time.

2. Select the correct crucible base

1) The crucible base should be the same shape as the bottom of the crucible and slightly larger (about 2 CM).

2) For different types of crucible furnaces, choose a crucible base of the right height.

3) Avoid using a used crucible base, as this will significantly shorten the crucible life.

3. Installation and fixing of crucible

1)Installation of crucible for gas or oil furnace

First place the crucible on the base, leave a certain space for crucible expansion between the crucible and the top of the furnace wall, and fix it using wood blocks, cardboard and other materials. Adjust the position of the burner and nozzle so that the flame is aligned with the combustion chamber and not directly with the bottom of the crucible.

2) Installation of crucible for rotary furnace

The crucible should be fixed using support bricks on both sides of the crucible pouring nozzle to avoid wedging the crucible tightly. At the same time, a material such as cardboard of about 3-4 mm is padded between the support brick and the crucible as a pre-expansion space for the crucible.

3) Installation of the crucible for resistance furnace

The crucible should be placed in the central part of the resistance furnace, with the bottom of the crucible above the bottom row of heating elements. Also use insulation wool for sealing between the top of the crucible and the furnace rim.

4) Crucible Installation for Induction Furnaces

Make sure that the crucible is placed in the central part of the induction coil to avoid local overheating and cracks in the crucible.



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