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Huixin Tongda graphite crucible use method and attention points summary

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Resistance furnace crucible baking method

Due to the presence of air pores in the crucible material, moisture can be absorbed. Therefore, the crucible must be preheated before use to ensure that no moisture is present. Otherwise, a sharp increase in temperature can cause the crucible to burst.

Before using a new crucible for the first time, it is best to place the crucible next to the furnace and preheat it for 4-24 hours, if possible.

Before using a new crucible, if available, it is helpful to place wood burning in the crucible for 2-4 hours to dehumidify the crucible. The preheating of the new crucible in the furnace is as follows:

(1) The crucible cracks, mainly before 200° C. Pay special attention. Do not bake sharply. Warm up very slowly to give the crucible an adaptation process. If the crucible has been stored for a long time, the low-temperature baking time needs to be extended to completely eliminate water vapor.

2) Room temperature to 200°C empty crucible slowly ramp up with 2 hours at 100°C/hr. And keep warm at 200 degree C for 1 hour. 200℃-400℃ empty crucible slowly ramp up with 2 hours, 100℃/hour. after 400℃ start to add dry edge small material at the bottom of crucible, then you can add lump material, then quickly ramp up to melting temperature and keep warm.

3)Before stopping the furnace, scoop out the aluminum liquid. And clean up the dross on the inner wall of the crucible while it is still hot. Prevent the crucible from rising and cracking when heated again. The dross will also corrode the crucible and affect the thermal conductivity. Cover the furnace with a lid and close the vent. The residual temperature is maintained.

When using the crucible again, observe the following baking regime: room temperature to 200 °C for 1 hour for slow heating of the empty crucible. 200 °C to 600 °C for 4 hours for slow heating of the empty crucible, 100 °C/h. After 600 °C, add the dry material and quickly heat up to the desired temperature.

How to use crucible for biopellet furnace

The method of using the crucible for the biopellet furnace is important. Improper methods can cause problems such as crucible efflorescence, blowing up, and upper mouth cracking.

1) Before using the crucible, the crushed material must be filled, and then the pot and material must be preheated together. It is prevented that when preheating only the empty pot, the pellet stove fire is urgent, which leads to sharp heating of the empty pot and overheating of the crucible, causing efflorescence.

2)After 1 month of use, stop the furnace for half a day, lift out the crucible and clean the caked carbon and ash outside the crucible. Use an electric wire brush. This will improve the thermal conductivity. Turn the crucible 90 degrees in the direction and put it into the furnace. Prevent the flame from burning all the way to one position.

3) After 1½ months of further use, lift out the crucible again, clean up the caked carbon, turn 90 degrees again and put it into the furnace.

4)Don't add too much cold crumbly material when handing over the shift and eating. Add too much, the upper aluminum liquid will solidify, causing the upper part to be cold and the lower part to be hot, and the upper mouth of the crucible will crack.

(5) add slagging agent when melting, must promptly clean up the dross inside the crucible wall, otherwise it will corrode the crucible and make the lower part of the crucible ooze liquid slag. At the same time, the accumulated adhering dross affects the thermal conductivity of the crucible.

The crucible of coke furnace is referred to the usage of crucible of bio-pellet furnace.



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