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Graphite crucibles are heat resistant, so can graphite crucibles ignite?

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Graphite crucibles provide a better environment and conditions for melting metals. Charcoal can be ignited because it has graphite in it, so can a high temperature resistant graphite crucible be ignited?


Graphite crucible

Graphite is a very pure substance.2113 Graphite is a 5261 transition type crystal.

Each layer of graphite 4102 carbon atoms are connected by nonpolar covalent bonds, and the interlayer graphite molecules 1653 are connected by intermolecular forces.

Its melting point is 3652°C~3697°C (sublimation), so graphite crucible is resistant to high temperature.

The ignition point of graphite under adiabatic condition is at least 3000 degrees, and the ignition point in air is higher, and it is not on fire at such a high temperature in air, so graphite cannot be ignited.

The selected special material can make our graphite crucible products more than 2 times more durable and longer service life than ordinary material products, and more able to withstand the high temperature above 2000℃!

We will choose more professional materials, adopt more precise technology and do more tests in the production of graphite crucible to provide better quality high temperature resistant graphite crucible for our customers, welcome your consultation and purchase!



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